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Mukhi Sisters Heritage

It all commenced back in the 1920s when the grandfather of the Mukhi Sisters and his cousins made the decision to depart from India and settle in this region of the world. Eventually, they relocated to Beirut, immersing themselves in the city’s vibrant days of yore.

The Mukhi family was engaged in several businesses, including Fine Jewellery Stores and establishments dealing in Oriental Works and textiles. Notable among these were A.Neechamal located on Avenue des Français, Bombay Bazar situated opposite the Palm Beach Hotel, and Rupkala, also facing the Palm Beach Hotel. Furthermore, they operated a boutique at Le Bristol Hotel and another at Capitole Beirut, as well as A.Neechamal/Ashoka at the Strand Building in Hamra.

Their business ventures extended beyond Lebanon to encompass shops in Egypt, Syria, and Libya. In 1979, their father, Chandru Mukhi, tied the knot with Effat Kreidieh, a Lebanese lady. Together, they confronted numerous challenges while nurturing their three daughters, Maya, Meena, and Zeenat.

Effat’s jewelry enterprise, Effys Jewellery, emerged in 1982. Effy, recognized for her early dedication to working with colored gemstones, developed a distinctive style and engaged in numerous collaborations, particularly with renowned houses such as O.J Perrin, Poiray and Pippo Perez. Over the years, she actively participated in numerous local and international events and played a significant role in the Syndicate of Jewelers’ most significant achievements.

It is undeniable that Effy’s profound love for precious gemstones and her innovative stylistic approach left a lasting impression on the Mukhi Sisters’ designs. Growing up in a family deeply immersed in the world of jewelry, Maya, Meena, and Zeenat were consistently exposed to enchanting tales of gems and precious stones. Their parents instilled in them a profound appreciation for beauty, and as a child, Maya had a clear vision of eventually establishing her own company. In 2009, she took the plunge, and when she invited her sisters to join her on this exciting new venture, they readily and unequivocally agreed.

Mukhi Sisters, the brand

Maya, Meena, and Zeenat understood the importance of inviting you into their world, and that’s why they settled on the enduring name “Mukhi.” This name is not just a legacy but also a reference within the industry, making it the perfect moniker to encapsulate their essence.

Additionally, the term “Sisters” is a nod to their deep sisterhood and a symbol of their unwavering commitment to women’s empowerment and the transformative potential of women. Thus, Mukhi Sisters was born in February 2009.

“Mukhi Sisters is a brand dedicated to the art of transforming personal stories and cherished moments into exquisitely crafted daywear jewelry, each piece resonating with a unique narrative and distinctive energy. Our creations are the perfect companions for everyday wear, seamlessly transitioning from day to night, and are intimately connected to the individual styles, interests, and passions of each sister.

Our jewelry collection forms an enchanting cosmos of colors, featuring signature styles and eye-catching designs, all infused with an element of surprise and a sense of ongoing evolution.

Here, the subtle effortlessly coexists with the bold, vibrant colors playfully contrast the more understated tones, and nostalgia harmoniously mingles with the latest trends. We seamlessly blend the ethnic with the urban, and allow the beauty of nature to stand alongside imaginative symmetry. This is a visual spectacle that reveres semi-precious stones, gold, and diamonds, giving birth to truly original statements.

Mukhi Sisters style seamlessly blends various fashion influences, including elegance, eclecticism, gypsy vibes, grunge aesthetics, and alternative elements.

It’s a unique fusion that combines the sophistication of elegant fashion with the free-spirited essence of gypsy culture. This style is not constrained by traditional fashion norms, allowing for an adventurous mix of textures, patterns, and colors.

The inclusion of grunge elements adds a touch of rebellion and nonconformity, lending an edgy feel to the overall look. The alternative aspect brings individuality and a willingness to explore unconventional fashion choices.

In summary, this style is a harmonious blend of diverse elements, resulting in a look that is both sophisticated and unconventional, bold and free-spirited, making a unique fashion statement.

Mukhi Sisters, The Journey

In 2011, a captivating chapter unfolded as Mukhi Sisters introduced their inaugural boutique in Beirut Souks. Their vision at the time was to create a cozy and hidden treasure trove reminiscent of Ali Baba’s cave—an enclave that celebrated opulence and diversity. The boutique’s windows were an intricate tapestry of various styles and colors, beckoning clients to craft their own unique combinations.

In 2017, as the Mukhi Sisters continued to write their story in their flagship store, they ventured into a creative partnership with accessories designer Roma Narsinghani. Together, they breathed life into a series of headpieces and brooches, drawing inspiration from Mukhi Sisters’ Queen Vicky collection of vintage jewels.

The same year bore witness to yet another enchanting collaboration when Mukhi Sisters joined forces with the esteemed Italian jewelry brand, Aonie. Their collective creativity resulted in a hand-painted rendition of MS Beiruti Sunset.

In 2018, a new chapter of partnership unfolded as Mukhi Sisters collaborated with Diplowomen to craft an entire collection of exquisite jewelry.

In 2019, their dedication and talent were justly acknowledged when Mukhi Sisters received the prestigious Fashion Trust Arabia’s Fine Jewelry Award.


The year 2021 marked a significant turning point in their journey. In the aftermath of the devastating 2020 Beirut blast, Mukhi Sisters made the heartfelt decision to bid farewell to their boutique and transitioned to a dynamic showroom located in the industrial heart of the city. Despite the change in setting, their commitment to welcoming clients and delivering unparalleled service remained unwavering, both in-store and online.

Today, you can explore the world of Mukhi Sisters at their showroom and e-shop, as well as through their retail partners, to acquire their exquisite pieces with ease, all conveniently available at