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Every collection we design has story, and this is the 

story behind “At That Moment I Felt Eternal” …. 

You know that peaceful moment of clarity, where everything falls into place? You feel the shift in the universe as the stars align and the world becomes your oyster. Our latest collection, called “At That Moment I Felt Eternal”, is an ode to that feeling of self-realization and expression thatunleashes your authentic realness with lady luck by your side. Your dreams become attainable as you feel like you can achieve anything that you want!

The versatile pieces of the collection, including pendants, rings, body chains, and more, aredesigned to be worn every day and every night. The collection’s focus is on the AzuriteMalachite, a gemstone that resembles mother Earth and is a conductor of her energy. It alsofeatures powerful symbols, such as the hand of Fatima and the evil eye, reimagined through the Mukhi Sisters vision and embellished with a mix of colorful enamel, diamonds, and AzuriteMalachite. The collection further blurs the lines between timeless and contemporary, sexy anddreamy, with pieces featuring Watermelon Tourmaline, colored enamel, and bright neon.

In true Mukhi Sisters spirit, “At That Moment I Felt Eternal” is an invitation to stack jewelry,mix and match elements, and play around with meaningful and powerful jewels as the newmodern pieces are both forever timeless and tastefully contemporary. The collection is designed for those looking to add poetic pieces of jewelry to their collection. Such sentimental pieces resonate with comfort, inspiration, joy, and meaning. They allow the wearer to connect with others and bond over shared experiences and stories, bringing us all closer together.


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