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Beirut Sunsets and Enchanted Forests From the Mukhi Sisters for Fall 2016

Popular Lebanese jewelry brand, Mukhi Sisters, gets inspired by the beauty of nature for Fall/Winter 2016. Undiscovered, enchanted forests and the colors and energy of sunsets were translated into a collection of conversation-starter pieces for both day and night, named ‘Reverie on the Vine’. The matte yellow gold, rich greens, mirrors, and pearls create an exciting balance in the designs to capture nature’s wild rawness and tranquility at the same time.

On the inspiration for the collection, Maya Mukhi, Designer and Co-Founder of Mukhi Sisters, shares exclusively with Savoir Flair,“One of the first designs from the collection, the one-sided ear jacket (also known as the double-sided earring) is one of the star items of ‘Reverie on the Vine’. It is wild. It makes it as though the person wearing it is coming from an enchanted forest. I remember sending a message to my sister Zeenat around midnight one night, describing this earring to her and telling her how it would have a matching hair buckle. That’s how I imagined my clients wearing them, instead of wearing a pair of earrings. Read More


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