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CH.X: No Guts No Glory

For the Mukhi Sisters’ tenth collection, the heroism and inner strength of women has inspired geometric, sexy simplicity. Glory, the superhero symbol of No Guts, No Glory is here to send the timeless message of true strength coming from within. Rather than wearing items that have superpowers, Mukhi Sisters are here to remind women of their own. The designs have circular and geometric forms, all in 18k gold, drop-shaped rubies, oval sapphires, emerald-cut emeralds and diamonds.

The only motif featured in the collection is the snake, symbolising regeneration and eternal life. Each piece in No Guts, No Glory demonstrates that real power comes from within. There are pendants and necklaces in the shape of a coin, like the armour of a warrior. The look is strong, in a warrior-princess-superhero way, not least with a special anklet that looks like a bangle.

As well as classic pieces like earrings, hoops, rings and chain bracelets, there are special ear-cuffs and double hoops, necklaces that have two rows, and pendants of different lengths.  One special aspect of this collection is the stacking game, especially with the necklaces, pendants and rings.

The serpentine bangle has the gravitas of an heirloom. Altogether this is a feisty, confident, sexy haut de gamme collection, as timeless as women’s fortitude. This collection resonates as independent, and dedicated to staying true to that strength in body, soul, heart and mind.