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Finland was on my bucket list for quite a while…

Finland was on my bucket list for quite a while and when my friend Michelle Karam posted about it, I didn’t hesitate I directly booked. It was an opportunity not to be missed.

Traveling to Finland was a long ride, I had to stop at London Heathrow airport, take another flight to Helsinki where you had to sleep at Hilton airport then early morning fly to Ivalo. This wasn’t a problem at all it was pure excitement.

The view you get from the plane makes your heart beat very fast, the nature covered with snow was just magical.

The whole trip was very well organized. Being outside at -27 Degrees is very challenging but you tend to forget about it when you find yourself surrounded with beauty and silence. The activities we did were so much fun from the shoe snowing over a frozen lake to the husky ride. Oh man! That husky ride was a different experience, riding inside a forest was just amazing! I even got a free hug from one husky who I wanted to take back home lol.

Traveling with strangers is challenging but we all made a good team. The flow was good since the beginning, we all made good efforts getting to know each other and I honestly believe new friendships are being built. 

My piece of advice after that trip would be pick a new country each year and travel. Traveling is the only way to enrich the mind body and soul!

I hope you enjoyed this, until next time.

Big kiss


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