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When I first started watching GOT, I was psyched with the idea of having a dragon. So instead of dreaming of walking around with a small dragon on my shoulder, I took the opportunity to bring some of our carved Lapis Lazuli birds to life.

I chose to produce them in a vintage style to give them some edge. And that’s how they became unique pieces, part of Mukhi Sisters Queen Vicky collection.

• Queen Vicky

A tribute to days of yore, Queen Vicky is a signature Mukhi Sisters collection that is really two lines in one: authentic vintage pieces and reproductions of vintage pieces. The authentic vintage creations combine fresh design with gold craftsmanship and precious stones. The selection of reproductions breaks the boundaries between modern and old-world jeweler techniques. Every item embodies a regal tale that speaks to the timeless in you. Abandon yourself to the past with stunning Victorian brooches, necklaces, rings, and earrings. Reconnect with the romantic in you.


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