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Balima, June 2013.

My sister Zeenat and I were having coffee with friends, when one of them showed up with this product from Sephora: it was like a temporary tattoo stamp with the texture of an eye-liner.

I decided to try it out on my hand, as I was exploring the idea of getting a new tattoo!! And then,  just like that- well actually I wanted to do something else at the beginning but well-just like that, the beautiful starry rings below saw the light 

…And a huge success they were! We were so happy to see them on so many Instagram posts and orders were coming in like crazy.

Come to think of it.. it wouldn’t be a bad idea to revisit this design and come up with a new version of it. Let’s see, time will tell!

On my way to an inspirational spree.

Meanwhile, have a look at the pics 

  • we made them in rose, yellow & white gold with diamonds and a few in black diamonds.
"good morning star shine, the world says hello.'
They're like a second skin.
Sarah Dundarawy tried them on during our appearance on her morning show on Al Arabia

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