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Mukhi Sisters – Their Success Story

Their Success Stor
Three sisters, one passion: jewelry. Maya, Meena and Zeenat, naturally followed their parents steps in the jewelry sphere. They talked to Prestige about their creations and experiences in that field and about their new flagship store in Beirut Downtown. Interview.

Tell me how came the idea of founding Mukhi Sisters? It all started since I was a child, really. I grew up always telling my parents that one day I will have my own company. When I graduated from university, I started with a collection of bracelets that I used to display at Effys and at some local exhibitions and then in 2009 I shared my vision with my sisters, and I was happy to see Meena and Zeenat’s excitement. They immediately agreed to be part of it. And that is how it all started.

Chandru Mukhi, your father, is born in a prestigious linea of jewelers, could you tell us more… Yes, it all started in India with Neechamall in 1875… In the 1970s our grandfather and his brothers and families invested in businesses across the Middle East, from a bicycle shop in Aleppo, to jewelry shops, textile and art works in Beirut, Damascus, Cairo, Lybia, Dubai and Doha. They were also the agents of Baccarat, Mikimoto and they dealt with porcelain from the Far East back then. In 1982, our father opened Effys with our mother.

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