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Mukhi sisters

The three Indian Lebanese sisters (Maya, Meena, and Zeenat Mukhi) decided to take their passion for fine jewelry to the next level. And so Mukhi Sisters was born out of the vivacious influences of different cultures and rich traditions.

The three sisters grew up surrounded by design and jewelry-making. This intergenerational background makes Mukhi Sisters an independent brand that tells an exceptional story of its own. Their label is female owned and run. They were inspired by their Indian and Lebanese heritage. Their jewelry skills and their working of gold, stones, and pearls are all unique in a sense. 

The brand Mukhi Sisters transforms stories and personal moments into finely crafted jewelry with real individuality. At Mukhi Sisters, the subtle meets the bold, the vibrant clashes with the sober, the nostalgic meets trendsetting style, the ethnic merges with the urban, and nature blossoms next to fanciful symmetry. It’s a cascade of sensations that celebrates the beauty of semi-precious stones, gold, and diamonds to create original statements and to reflect a lifestyle sparkling with individuality. 

No Guts No Glory, a collection designed by women for women. It’s the Mukhi Sisters’ stunning tenth collection. Guided by the sage gravitas of a heroine superhero, Glory, sending a message of true strength that comes from within. Rather than wearing items that have superpowers, Mukhi Sisters are here to remind women of their own.


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