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NAYA | The Mukhis: A sisterhood of jewelry

With their fresh perception, the Mukhis have created a unique concept brand.

BEIRUT: For almost 10 years now, the Mukhi Sisters’ store has been the home of a creative jewelry business in Downtown, Beirut.

The three Indian-Lebanese sisters Maya, Meena and Zeena Mukhi share a love of gemstones and jewelry design, and the business is part of their inherited creative bloodline. Their jewelry translates into the reflection of each sister’s personal style and interest, while having vibrant influences of different cultures and traditions.

As descendants of a family of jewelers, the Mukhi sisters created their very own shop influenced by their parents who are both in the jewelry business, but at the same time embarked on a more artisanal and personal path. As the sisters explain it, their line of jewelry is not mass production, but only produced in limited runs.

Their father, Chandru Mukhi, comes from a long line of Indian jewelers who have been in the business since 1875; and their mother, Effat Kreidie, has been the woman behind Effys Jewellery since 1982.

Read moreby Tala Ramadan and Paula Naoufal Source: Annahar Date added: 24 July 2018 Last update: 24 July 2018 | 16:35


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