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Along the Edges, I Stand With You, Mukhi Sisters’ New Collection Is Here!

Have you ever had a piece of jewelry that made you feel like a total boss? One that gave you that extra push of confidence you needed to tackle anything that came your way? If that feeling is familiar, then Mukhi Sisters’ new collection “Along the Edges, I Stand With You” will be right up your alley…


As the name suggests, the collection’s message is open to interpretation. Maybe it’s a message from the jewelry to the wearer, saying “you’ve got this.” Or perhaps it’s your inner voice trying to tell you something important. Whatever the meaning, Mukhi Sisters wants to remind you that building confidence and inner strength is a journey that takes time. And when you do reach a good place in your life, it’s something to celebrate and be proud of!


The “Along the Edges, I Stand With You” collection features genderless jewelry pieces, including rings, bangles, anklets, pendants, earrings, and body chains. The illusion of being pre-stacked makes styling a breeze and gives the wearer an instant boost of empowerment and confidence. Made of 18K gold, the collection features stunning craftsmanship with diamonds and touches of colorful enamel for added personality.


Whether you’re heading to a meeting, a date, or just running errands, the “Along the Edges, I Stand With You” collection is perfect for showcasing your strength and confidence. These pieces seamlessly transition from day to night, so you can wear them wherever and whenever you need a little extra #MukhiSisters boost.


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