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October Birthstone Mukhi Sisters

Hello Autumn, it’s officially in Libra and Scorpio season! If you were born in October, consider yourself lucky because October is the only month with two birthstones: Opal and Tourmaline.

The traditional stone for October is Opal, which symbolizes honesty, purity, and hope. It is the stone used to commemorate the 14th wedding anniversary. Featuring a kaleidoscope of colors, Opals are genuinely mesmerizing Ancient Greeks believed Opals had magical powers to turn one into a psychic! 

Meanwhile, Tourmaline symbolizes protection from danger. It even served as a protective stone during rituals in many ancient cultures, especially in ancient Egypt! October’s second birthstone comes in many colors, including pink, green, blue, black, and watermelon (a combination of red with a green outline).

Now, you’re probably still wondering why October has two birthstones. Are October babies just the “chosen ones”? They just might be… but the honest (and slightly disappointing) answer is The National Association of Jewelers. In 1952, the association created a list of birthstones for each month. Opal was picked for October, but some thought the stone was “too feminine,” so they decided to give the month an extra stone, which ended up being Tourmaline. 

Although the origin story is not as inspiring and dreamy as we’d all hoped, we love that October is a unique month with two stones that are #MukhiSistersFavorites, especially since they are both beautiful stones that can be worn in a variety of ways!


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