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Orient Palms – Mukhi Sisters “Reverie on the Vine” collection

Mukhi Sisters Accessories “Reverie on the Vine” collection · Orient Palms “Flip-Zone”.

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The warm embrace of natural inspiration, Mukhi Sisters Reverie on the Vine collection exults the beauty of nature, capturing its rich shades of color and mystical energy. It’s about noticing details that are usually overlooked only to discover natural enchantment and unexplained mystery. Evolving with the changing seasons it is simple, clean and timeless. Matt yellow gold, vibrant colors, rich greens, mirrors that reflect the soul, pearls for contrast, and motifs from nature (leaves, flowers, branches etc.) combine to sow the seeds of real character in earrings, pendants, rings, bracelets and hair buckles. An especially glorious Beirut sunset inspired a design tribute that captures a real live moment in all its perfection. Each item is like an intimate/rejuvenating painting that imitates nature for the sake of art and yet it also tells a contemporary tale of reconnecting with something forgotten. Discover yourself through natural beauty.

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