Elevate Your Style with the single Yellow Gold Floral Tourmaline Earring


Elevate Your Style with the 18kt, yellow gold, one-sided and one-of-a-Kind yellow gold floral tourmaline earring – the Yellow Gold Floral Tourmaline Earring, a true work of art that will set you apart in any crowd. This exquisite earring is a testament to individuality, showcasing a breathtaking combination of gemstones and intricate details that will captivate anyone who lays eyes on it. Set in a Symphony of Gemstones:
Floral Tourmaline: A central focus of this earring, the floral tourmaline radiates vibrant, natural beauty. Its delicate petals and rich hues exude a sense of grace and charm.
Mini Heart-Shaped Turquoise: Adding a touch of whimsy, the heart-shaped turquoise gemstone brings a pop of color to your look, symbolizing love and protection.
Buddha Peridot: The Buddha peridot, with its serene presence, adds a spiritual and calming element to this earring. It’s like carrying a piece of enlightenment with you.
Diamonds and Vintage Opals: For that extra touch of glamour and allure, this earring features stunning diamonds and vintage opals. They glisten and shimmer, creating an eye-catching play of light. Our Yellow Gold Floral Tourmaline Earring is a labor of love, meticulously handcrafted with attention to detail. Its one-sided design ensures a sense of balance and symmetry, while also allowing for versatility in your styling.

T: 4.24ct D:0.06ct O:0.12ct Tq:0.17ct P:9.95

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