Experience Bohemian Elegance with this Single Yellow Gold Floral Tourmaline Earring


Unleash your inner free spirit with our 18KT, yellow gold,Boho Chic, Single, Tourmaline Earring – a unique fusion of organic beauty and artistic expression. This single earring is a captivating masterpiece that embodies the essence of bohemian style and artisan craftsmanship.
A Kaleidoscope of Gemstones:
Azurite Malachite: At its core, this earring showcases the mesmerizing depths of Azurite Malachite, known for its rich, earthy hues and captivating swirls that echo the untamed beauty of nature.
Diamonds: Nestled within the earring, diamonds add a touch of elegance and sparkle, enhancing the beauty of the gemstones and exuding a subtle opulence.
Turquoise: The inclusion of turquoise evokes the spirit of the southwest, infusing the earring with a sense of protection and positivity.
Vintage Opals: The vintage opals offer a touch of nostalgia, shimmering with an iridescent glow that reflects the ever-changing facets of your personality.
Coral and Rubis: These exotic gemstones bring an irresistible pop of color and energy, paying homage to the ocean and its infinite mysteries. T:12.26ct, D:0.06ct, AM:3.15ct O: 0.12ct, Tq:0.12ct, R:0.19ct

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