Yellow Gold Heart Ring With Diamonds and Enamel


This 18kt yellow gold heart ring, is set with a splendid heart shaped azurite malachite, diamonds, and features white enamel on the band. This is a new version of Mukhi Sisters’ “You mean the world to me” ring. It can be worn as an alternative wedding ring or as a normal ring; and we like to play around the style by stacking it with other rings.

Size: 55

Gold: 5.2
Diamond: 0.240

Azurite malachite symbolism:
Azurite-Malachite is an exceptional conductor of energy; it is a gemstone that holds calming and healing properties as well as many other positive ones.

Jewelry care tip: Please note that our designs are delicate handmade pieces. We recommend not to shower, swim, nor apply cosmetics with alcohol in order to protect your jewelry and gemstones.

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