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Reverie on the Vine

The kiss of natural inspiration. Mukhi Sisters Reverie on the Vine collection celebrates the beauty of nature, capturing the shades of colour and the energy of sunsets. It’s about noticing what is usually overlooked only to discover an enchanted forest. Appreciating the tiny details, the glory of simplicity and the allure of real hues. Revisiting patterns and shapes. Awaking to stillness and tranquillity while sensing the rawness and wild intrigue. Reverie on the Vine is naturally about blossoming spontaneity, seeing things for the first time and experiencing lush amazement. This collection evolves with the changing seasons.

Simple, clean and timeless, each piece is a conversation starter. Feminine, every item accentuates women’s natural glow and warmth. From creations that light up the night to designs that make a statement during the day, everything is easy to wear and is incredibly flexible so you can create your look. Matt yellow gold, vibrant colours, rich greens, mirrors that reflect the soul, pearls for a touch of contrast, and motifs and designs from nature (leaves, flowers, etc.) combine to make the earrings, pendants, hair buckles and other items full of character.