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Style Cartel’s Shout Out Sunday featuring Mukhi Sisters

This Shout Out Sunday meet Mukhi Sisters. It all started in the 1920s when the grandfather of the Mukhi Sisters and his cousins decided to leave India and come to this part of the world. They eventually moved to Beirut and lived the good old days of the city to the fullest.

Mukhi Sisters transforms stories and personal moments into finely crafted jewellery with real individuality. Founded by three sisters (Maya, Meena, and Zeenat), each piece is a conversation starter, experience and distinctive narrative with a unique energy.

Perfect jewellery for every day (and night), the creations reflect each sister’s personal style, interests and obsessions. At Mukhi Sisters, the subtle meets the bold, the vibrant clashes with the sober, the nostalgic meets trendsetting style, the ethnic merges with the urban, and nature blossoms next to fanciful symmetry. It’s a cascade of sensations that celebrate the beauty of semi-precious stones, gold and diamonds to create original statements and to reflect a lifestyle sparkling with individuality. It’s ultimately an invitation to stay true to yourself

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Could you tell us a little bit about yourselves the Mukhi Sisters and the ranges of Jewellery you produce?We are three sisters, half Indian, half Lebanese and we grew up in a family of jewellers, we were always exposed to stories of jewels and precious stones. Our parents taught us to respect the industry and passed on to us their love and appreciation for everything beautiful. The ranges of jewellery we produce go from headpieces to several types of earrings, we are very much into rings and stacking pendants, bracelets and sometimes anklets too. In summary: we are third-generation fine Jewelers who design collections of bohemian chic fine jewellery.

Is there a message or story that is conveyed through the designs, colour and styles of your Jewellery?There is always a story behind each collection. That is what makes it a MS piece. It always portrays individuality. Each piece is a conversation starter, experience and distinctive narrative with a unique energy.
 Perfect jewellery for every day and night, the creations reflect the personal style of each one of us, as well as our interests and obsessions.


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                                                                                                                             Meena & Zeenat (2020)

Who is your biggest inspiration? Our mother’s creativity, the ability to confront challenges and to always look at the positive side of things. How to see and turn beauty in things.Inspiration comes from literally anything. And your mood plays an important role as well. You just have to keep a notebook next to you because you really don’t know what or when this inspiration comes.

Your award-winning collections are beautiful, what does it mean to you being part of the Fine Jewellery industry in a thriving fashion capital such as Beirut? We love being part of the fine Jewellery industry because to us; it carries so many things; we deal with design, aesthetics, beauty, luxury, sustainability.. through our designs there is an immediate connection that takes place between us and our Clients. And most of all, we see the jewellery industry as an industry of love: we accompany our clients during happy events in their lives, most of them celebrating love.

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                                                                                     Mukhi at Chelsea Embankment, London (2020)

What has been your favourite collection that you have worked on and why?

Maya: I have a special bond with some pieces from every collection that we create. It’s like they carry a piece of our life story and they are the optimum representation of our style at the specific moment- I could go back to our dreamcatcher collection, the Reverie leaves and barrettes, the navratna ring from our binding love collection, the starshine bangles from our Ch.X No Guts No Glory Collection, The Diplowomen Pendant.

Meena: My favourite piece is my fancy green diamond, Beiruti sunset. It is from our breakthrough collection, Reverie on The Vine and it carries the story of love, light and hope.

Zeenat:I never have the answer to that. Each collection or piece is different. But what I do know is we mature and grow every year and it is reflected through our collections and pieces. That is why they are all special to me. They reflect a certain time and phase in our lives. However, there’s one ring that I never take off. The first fleur de lys sample.

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                                                                                                               Zeenat Mukhi (2020)

You were named as the winners of the Fine Jewellery Category at fashion trust Arabia 2019, congratulations! How did it feel to you all winning this and has it played a role in the development of future projects, campaigns and collections? Thank you! It was surprising at the beginning because we were not really expecting to win and it felt great! To be acknowledged for your work by industry professionals is very gratifying. Winning FTA gave Mukhi Sister’s brand recognition and we became part of a community of designer that help and support each other, we have a new family!

Tell us your views on sustainable Jewellery in the 21st Century? Sustainability in jewellery has been omnipresent for a while now and today it’s taking a larger scale. Designers and brands are more conscious of the environment and so are customers and they are shifting more and more towards making their businesses sustainable.

What is the best part about working together as an empowering professional team as well as being sisters? Looking back, I would say that working together has brought us even closer to each other and has shaped us into becoming the women we are today. We have established a deeper understanding and respect for each other.

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                                                                                                    Meena and Zeenat Mukhi, London (2020)

Out of the many Jewellery stones, there are, which are your favourites to work with and why? That’s a tough one! On a personal note, you will always find turquoise in our collections because it’s Maya’s favourite stone.

Is there any advice you would give to those who are looking to start their own career in designing items of Jewellery or who are wanting to get into the industry?Have a clear vision, plan your steps and most of all: stay true to yourself. Do not try to blend in.

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Finally, Diamonds, Pearls or Rubies? 

Zeenat: Diamonds and emeralds all the way. Meena: Pearls and sapphire Maya: I’ll take them all, thank you very much! 🙂

Names: Maya, Meena and Zeenat Mukhi

Favourite cities: Beirut, London, Paris

Favourite colours: red, green

Favourite Jewels: Rings, Earrings 


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