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The Sisters


Hi, I am Maya, and I am the founder of Mukhi Sisters. Growing up in a family of jewelers, I always had this drive to start up my own brand, my own company.
Today, with Meena, Zeenat, and our team, we’re happy to deliver a Mukhi Experience that is unique to us. We look forward to sharing our collections with you, at our flagship store at the Municipality of Beirut building in Beirut and here, on

To contact me, please send an email to


My name is Meena and I am the Sales and PR manager at Mukhi Sisters. I am constantly on the lookout to improve my skills and train my team to assist you in the best possible way and let you be part of the Mukhi Experience.

To contact me, please send an email to

On a more personal level, many have labeled me as the cool and sociable one. I admit that I’m a people’s person and that some even see me as a “second mom” since I always take care of family and friends by sharing carefully considered advice and trying to empower them.

Selling is in my blood and so it makes sense for me to be the sales manager at MS. I have built a positive, warm and personal rapport with clients because I believe in finding the perfect jewelry for each individual. To me, every client has a story to tell and I use this as the starting point to help her or him find the ideal piece.

After completing my schooling at College Louise Wegmann, I went on to become an HRD graduate and studied business management.

I hope to catch you soon at Mukhi Sisters or on our website!


I am Zeenat, the youngest Mukhi Sister. I am part of the design team at MS and I recently moved to the UK. I am currently working on a series of Mukhi Sisters trunk shows in London and I am a fine jewelry blogger at

To contact me, please send an email to

FYI: My first encounter with jewelry design was in 2008. Back then I launched a collection of Braille bracelets. The world of jewelry had always been part of my life but this sparked something in me and so it was natural for me to join MS and to evolve as a jewelry designer. It’s interesting because as a child I used to dream of becoming an ophthalmologist or a singer. 

Many know me for my personal style and tendency to wear at least 7 rings every day. My being a collector of gadgets and avid book reader are no secrets either.


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